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We are so obsessed with our jewelry collection with just had to share it with you all! Which one is your favorite piece?

Marielle's is tied between the Sigma Necklace and the Bangle Sets.

These make GREAT crossing gifts and come gift wrapped at no additional fee.

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When it comes to creativity, our CEO Marielle Keziah loves to challenge herself to curate fresh ideas to promote the Pretty Poodle Apparel brand. The Mean Girls Collection was birthed at the end of 2021 and has been one of our biggest productions to date.

Designs and Decisions

We started our production with a mock up. As always we prioritize being inclusive to make our styles fit all shapes and sizes.


The production process was fun with this item! Per usual we started off small with only a few sample pieces in many sizes. We like working small first because it gives us more mobility in making design changes as we see fit. Sometimes our pieces transform completely from our original idea.

We played around with a few design ideas but of course ended up choosing our original vision! Here was the lay out before pressing our first final piece.

Our CEO always tests our sets out before putting them on the site. She wore this set to the gym, running errands, and traveling. This set definitely passed the wear test! She was comfortable every time. The material is very comfortable, stretchy and still form fitting.

We cannot wait to see every Pretty Poodle in this set our centennial year and beyond!

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